Scanning paper originals in different formats and creating files with documents images

Aging of paper documents. Over time, their quality deteriorates, texts fade, excessive use damages and even destroys them. The only way these documents could be preserved and stored is to be digitized (scanned) before the moment of losing the information therin.
The "Digitization of documents" Service provided by Direct Services OOD enables you to optimize your important documents and preserve the originals.


scanned A4 pages per month

Your Benefits:
Switching from physical documents handling to electronic documents copies handling;
Optimizing the Working Processes and protecting your original documents from being destroyed;
Document images could be integrated and accessed by your most important information systems;
Receiving guaranteed service at fixed prices without any extra costs and risks.

Our advantages:
Huge expertize and customers from all sectors of the economy, digitization capacity of over 500,000 of A4 page size per month;
Modern high performance equipment, experienced operators and competitive service prices;
Option to scan originals in all sizes and formats (microfilms, documents, books, drawings) and to create files according to your requirements;
Guaranteed 100% discoverability of each document processed by us.

Process of Work:

Task Definition

We define the project parameters, services, prices, and delivery deadlines, together with you.


We prepare and scan the documents on spot at your location (with our technicians and operators) or in our document processing centre; Once scanned, we reinstate all documents in their initial state;


We specify file names with documents pictures in accordance with an agreed convention.

Quality Control

We check the quality of photos and the correctness of filenames, and then we transfer the files to an outsourced media.

Project Completion

We delete all copies of files from our workstations used during work.