Envelopes intended for classified information in a variety of sizes and production technology

The PIN envelope is a sealed envelope in which a personal PIN number issued by a bank or a financial institution is inserted. The secret PIN number can only be seen after integrity violation of the envelope. Providing security is our priority when working with confidential information. When using a PIN, all data are protected against any unauthorized access in a tightly sealed and closed envelope and only the recipient can use them after ‘tearing’ the envelope’s perforated side.
Direct Services OOD’s PIN envelopes are produced in the size and design of the customer. Our envelopes are delivered in the form of endless paper formats of 4 to 25 inches. In production, carbonless paper can be used or a copy layer can only be applied in certain areas.


PIN плика на година за клиенти в България и чужбина

Your benefits:
• Cost optimization – the need for folding and enveloping is eliminated;
• Time savings – the processes are reduced only to data printing, and then these can be sent directly to the customer;
• Data protection – the use of PIN envelopes ensures 100% compliance of data;
• Comprehensive service from one source - PIN envelopes, cards, card mailing and distribution.

Our advantages:
• Comprehensive service - design, production, delivery of PIN envelopes and pressure seal mailers;
• High quality products and a 24-month guarantee of the print quality;
• Competitive prices and short production deadlines;
• Green product.

Process of Work


We specify the type of product (PIN mailer of carbonless paper or a self-adhesive envelope known as pressure seal mailer), shape, colour, circulation, price and delivery time.


We prepare and submit the product's print file for approval.


We use high quality paper from leading European manufacturers for the product manufacturing; Upon request, we can provide additional services, such as customizing and closing of self-adhesive envelopes.


We deliver the finished products to the customer’s address in the country or abroad.