Platform for publishing and storing of digitally signed electronic invoices and accompanying documents

The online platform ( makes e-invoicing available to any company. Implementing this solution is quick and easy and does not require any additional resources. After switching to e-Invoice, companies reduce their costs, shorten invoice delivery times, and increase efficiency and the level of customer service.
The "e-Invoice" Service provided by Direct Services OOD allows you to send digitally signed fiscal invoices to your customers in real-time at minimum cost.


digitally signed electronic invoices per month

Your benefits:
• You will reduce the administrative service costs by eliminating the need for printing, enveloping, shipping and archiving any paper invoices;
• You will improve the financial resources management through the short delivery time of each invoice sent;
• You will automate the invoice delivery processes, saving time and additional engagement of staff;
• 100% deliverability and minimization of errors by automatic import into an accounting system;
• Your solution will protect the environment by reducing the volume of documentation on physical media.

Our advantages:
• A platform for posting digitally signed electronic invoices and accompanying documents in full compliance with the NRA’s prescriptions;
• Short deadlines for implementation of the solution, integration with all leading accounting systems;
• An option to send also any other type of documents (extracts, contracts, protocols, etc.);
• Comprehensive service and provision of various options for sending invoices and documents (e-invoice, sms, e-mail, Viber, mail letter).

Process of Work


We develop an electronic invoice template based on your design and define an interface for exchanging data between your accounting system and e-Invoice.


We create user accounts in e-Invoice; we install a Sign tool on your computer for digital signing of electronic invoices, and provide training on the system operation.

Working with e-Invoice

Signing and downloading of electronic invoices and accompanying documents in the system, automated notification to recipients, archives and statistics.


24/7 access to e-invoice, phone line for technical support and advice.