Data storage and access management thereto

Cloud data storage is a modern trend that enables any company to manage files and information on the Internet without having to deal with any issues such as information security and hardware administration.
Direct Services OOD provides a Hosting service to its customers that allows them operating their electronic archives through remote access and without having to deal with its maintenance and upgrading.


managed through the ARCHY document

Your benefits:
• You will reduce your operating costs as you will no longer spend any equipment and personnel related resources for the system administration;
• You have access to your electronic archive and the information you need at any time and from any Internet-connected device;
• You determine the access and rights of your employees to any documents, i.e. access to documents is fully in line with your company's internal policies;
• You can check the activities of each employee through real-time reporting tools and statistics.

Our advantages:
• Guaranteed 24/7 access to any significant information of your business;
• Web version of ARCHY electronic archive management system;
• Comprehensive service of archive holdings of our clients – acceptance and digitization of documents; adding files with document photos and search indexes to the electronic archives; physical storage of documents in our archives storage facility; providing originals, upon request, and destroying expired documents.

Process of Work


We define the parameters of electronic archiving, including any types of documents, users and their access rights.


We install the ARCHY electronic archive management system on our server, we create an electronic archive and give access to your employees according to the rules you have provided.

Working with the archive

Depending on their rights, registered users can search, copy, print or e-mail documents through the ARCHY web interface.


24/7 access to the archives. Periodically, we process new documents and update archive contents, monthly reports on the services provided and the disk space used.