Contemporary solutions incorporating digital printing advantages in combination with integrated services in the production of books and letters

Data processing, preparing personalized messaging and sending with a letter on paper or electronically

We provide complex solutions that help you optimize the process and costs of sending information on a regular basis with individual contents (invoices, statements, orders, etc.) to a large number of end-users. We offer complete servicing – from database processing and preparing correspondence relative to the specifics of the materials, to the distribution on paper or electronic media


shipments per month

Your Benefits:
• Marketing channel for sending a transactional document and print advertising combined in one letter;
• Exclusive long-term prices at negotiated levels;
• Transparent traceability and accountability of campaign results;
• Indirect access to technology and production capacities;
• Providing a complex service by one contractor.
Our Benefits:
• Flexible manufacturing conditions and fixed prices;
• Guaranteed deadlines for production and distribution;
• Strict rules for data protection;
• Modern fully automated production site;
• Professional servicing.

Process of Work

Task Definition

We specify project parameters, services, materials, prices and terms for implementation together with you..


We create a secure data exchange channel; we produce the materials needed to implement the project (forms, envelopes, and advertising inserts).


We program a data processing script to prepare personalized letters by your criteria template; we generate and send test files for printing.


We process the database and prepare customized messages; we print and envelop letters; we deliver to a mailbox or registered mail (with a subcontractor).


We prepare and submit a report of unsubscribed letters indicating a specific reason specific reason why delivery has not been made; we return to you or destroy any undelivered letters.

Project completion

We delete all databases provided for processing.