WEB system for electronic documents and digital transformation in dermatological and cosmetic centers

BEAUTY DOX eliminates the need to create, store, search and handle paper documents.

Simplifies processes, facilitates employee work, saves resources and eliminates information loss risk.

BEAUTY DOX enables you to register a customer and manage the procedures purchased by him in an electronic environment. This improve work efficiency and traceability of processes. Each completed procedure forms a document, certified with a graphic signature from the client. Keep your documents in the cloud, make them accessible from anywhere, anytime and eliminate information loss risk.


electronic client dossier

Your benefits:
Complete process management - client files, procedures and packages, records and reports, roles and rights of employees;
Electronic documents - elimination of paper forms and related costs for printing and storage;
Online access – on-line access to all information, without geographical restrictions, from any device connected to the Internet;
Security - storage of data in a specialized data center, encrypted communication channel, usernames and passwords.

Our advantages:
Leading provider of innovative data and document processing solutions and services;
Service at fixed prices, without any risk of additional costs;
Competencies and ability to develop new features according to your specific needs;
Marketing campaigns (sms, e-mail, Viber, letter by post).

Process of Work "Beauty Dox"


We define the project parameters (such as the organizational structure, the types of documents and work processes within the company), we compile terms of reference and negotiate parameters that are optimal in terms of price and time.


We develop and set up the system in a way that is as close as possible to the processes and documents movement within the company.


We create test patterns that can be checked by the company’s employees in a real-time environment.


We make further changes that match any specific requests and meet such terms of reference.