A system for automated control of documents movement within a company

Millions of documents are generated every second worldwide. Their preservation and management is a challenge for any organization. Documents digitization is a straightforward approach. On the other hand, electronic content is growing nowadays, which puts new challenges for consumers.
Direct Services offers ‘CODOS - Collaboration of document’ to manage the document flow in any organization and to control any resolutions set. This simplifies the document handling and saves time.


digitally signed electronic invoices per month

Your benefits:
• The advanced document flow management system improves the quality of collaboration in any organization, reduces the time of processing and file handling and reduces the costs associated with the document processing;
• CODOS supports a variety of channels of document input – entered by an employee, that enables to automatically detect any scanned text; emails received, or automatic input of documents from other systems through the Web services provided by CODOS;
• Via CODOS, you can report the progress of any assigned tasks, with a notification of any upcoming or expired delivery deadlines.

Our advantages:
• Based on Microsoft SharePoint, an extremely flexible solution that can define the company's business processes;
• Rich experience in data and document management solutions, multiple projects being implemented with CODOS;
• Complete solution, from one provider, for documents management throughout their lifecycle – from their creation, to their archiving and storage according to any regulatory requirements, to their destruction after expiry of the storage period.

Process of Work


We define the project parameters (such as the organizational structure, the types of documents and work processes within the company), we compile terms of reference and negotiate parameters that are optimal in terms of price and time.


We develop and set up the system in a way that is as close as possible to the processes and documents movement within the company.


We create test patterns that can be checked by the company’s employees in a real-time environment.


We make further changes that match any specific requests and meet such terms of reference.