Our Company

The Limited Liability Company “Direct Services” OOD is part of the group of companies organized by ANY Security Printing Company (www.any.hu) in Southeast Europe, with presence in 5 countries: Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Together, we have gained a rich experience in the field of digital printing and security related products, to which we have added innovative solutions and data processing and document handling services.

In 2005, ANY Security Printing Company, in partnership with the leader in the Bulgarian IT Market – KONTRAX, have launched a greenfield project, as a result of which, Direct Services OOD was created – a Company for outsourcing activities. We provide our clients with services that allow them to focus on their core business and let us handle their important but atypical activities.

As a result of the efforts and the job quality of the whole Team, the Company Direct Services OOD is a leader in every area in which it operates – transaction printing, digital printing of books, digitization and physical storage of documents, supplies of PIN envelopes and bank cards.

Our strategy is to anticipate market trends and all the factors that would affect our business; to implement them in our business, and to provide innovative, comprehensive services. This is a long-term plan for us, which will allow us to achieve growth and lead us to success in the years ahead. Starting digital transformation in all businesses is the direction we will go together with our customers.

Мission and Values

Since it was established, the Company has been evolving in line with its vision and mission. These are our inspiration to look for new approaches and new concepts in order to respond to the changing technologies and customer needs.

  • Mission:

    We optimize the work with the data and documents that are received, stored or sent by the Company

  • Values:

    A Company known for its professionalism and expertise, that builds long-term partnerships with its customers based on quality, efficiency and innovative concepts of outsourcing services provided.
    A Company that inspires confidence and security for its employees, customers and partners by finding appropriate solutions and fulfilling any commitments undertaken.
    A prosperous Company in which people work in harmony.

Direct Services through the prism of time

or how we have evolved over the years to become better!
  • 2005Тhe beginning

    team: 4 people;
    office area: 35m2;
    production area: 120m2;
    Newly created company offering outsourcing services for data processing, personalization and enveloping of letters.
  • 2010New building

    team: 25 people;
    office area: 180m2;
    production area: 600m2;
    Expansion of the service portfolio. Production of cards and electronic archives. Main supplier for Bulgaria of PIN envelopes.
  • 2012Digital center

    team: 30 people;
    office area: 180m2;
    production area: 750m2;
    The first digital digital printing center for short and medium prints.
  • 2015Archive repository

    team: 35 people;
    office area: 300m2;
    production area: 1750m2;
    The most modern and secure storage archive for documents.
  • 2022Today

    team: 65 people;
    office area: 600m2;
    production area: 5500m2;
    Looking at innovation and digital transformation of services and documents.


For each of us, Direct Services is a place where we feel free and where we can show the best of ourselves. We perform our duties responsibly and strive to achieve maximum efficiency with the resources available. We believe both in the potential of the team that we form and the results of our job.


Direct Services OOD runs its business activity in compliance with the national regulatory requirements. Besides the licenses required for our work, we are insured against major risks and observe compliance with leading international standards on quality, data security and environmental protection.