Complex service and software system for switching from paper to fully digital archive

Companies are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and quickly serve customers. Switching to a paperless solution that works with digital photos of documents is an effective way to achieve these goals. Actually, an Electronic archive is a system that manages digitized documents, registered users and their rights to work with such documents.
The "Electronic archive" Service provided by Direct Services OOD enables you to "dematerialize" the documents and switch to work with their digital copies.


managed through the ARCHY document

Your Benefits:
• Accelerated Archives operating — an Electronic archive provides real-time access to documents and enables simultaneous work with one document by many employees, respectively improved customer service;
• Reduced operating costs — Working with electronic documents eliminates the need to search, extract, copy documents, i.e. saves employees time and reduces printing and consumable costs;
• Enhanced security — Access to Electronic archives (or parts thereof) is specifically provided to designated employees with individually assigned rights. The Archives handling system provides log records for each action by each user and allows for any reference and auditing;
• Documents protection — the use of electronic copies eliminates the need to extract originals from any archive, i.e. it eliminates the risk of loss or destroying an original document.

Our advantages:
• ARCHY - a convenient and flexible operation and management system of electronic archives; Files can be archived in any format, enabling a full text search;
• Installation according to a working model you prefer - on your infrastructure (and administration with your internal resource) or hosting in environment that we provide and remote access to archives;
• Huge expertise and customers from all sectors of the economy, created electronic archives with over 30 million scanned pages;
• Short deadlines for implementation and competitive price conditions.

Process of Work


ОWe define the project parameters (types of documents, search criteria, number of licenses) and negotiate optimal terms and conditions for implementation.


We digitize the documents (preparing, scanning, reinstating) at your place or at our office.


We set keywords to identify each document unambiguously, if necessary, we use OCR for Full Text Search. Control: We monitor the quality of the above two tasks, we optimize image files and prepare database indexes.


We monitor the quality of the above two tasks, we optimize image files and prepare database indexes.