Acceptance, arrangement and physical storage of paper archives, destruction of expired documents

Though talking about paperless office and digital processes, many paper documents are generated in everyday life – invoices, contracts, customer files, etc.. According to each company’s internal policy and in compliance with the regulatory requirements, the original documents must be kept for a long period of time – 5, 10 or even 50 years. An archive is a major information asset and every business should treat it with due diligence.
The “Physical storage" Service provided by Direct Services OOD guarantees optimal management of paper documents throughout their lifecycle.


stored archive units

Your Benefits:
• To release expensive office space, to focus on your core business and dealing with no secondary tasks;
• To eliminate the need of investing in expensive repositories (premises, racks) and document management systems;
• To store your documents in the most secure and suitable environment without any risk of destruction or loss of originals;
• To receive a guaranteed service at fixed prices without any extra costs and risks;
• To optimize document search processes and to receive originals.

Our advantages:
• Our archival repositories are built in compliance with international standards, verified by the State Agency “Archives”;
• Certifications ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, Professional Liability Insurance;
• Huge experience and customers from all sectors of the economy;
• Complex service (documents collection, transportation, description, arrangement), provided with internal resource only;
• Guaranteed 100% discoverability of archive units received by us;
• DirectStorage - a convenient and flexible system for outsourced physical archives operation;

Process of Work

Task definition

We define the project parameters, services, prices, and delivery times together with you.

Initial processing

Collecting, transporting, and describing of archive units (in terms of ‘document’, ‘classifier’, or ‘carton box’). The inventory is based on criteria you specify, so that any search and jobs are ultimately facilitated; All described archival units are arranged in standardized archival boxes on shelves in the archival repository.

Operating the Archive

A secure web-based access to the DirectStorage System is provided to your employees for document requests, reviews and references; Supply of requested documents in original or a scanned copy; Destruction of documents with expired storage period.

Receiving new archives periodically

We organize visits to receive new documents by planned schedule or by call; Performing all activities as at the stage of initial handling.