Data Protection Policy

Direct Services Ltd, as well as all other members of the KONTRAX corporate group are committed to processing the data of any of the Company's visitors, employees and customers in accordance with the highest standards and in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR. We strive to achieve such aim both as controllers and processors.

As a documents and information proccesing company, the protection of personal data at our Company is not only an external particularity of corporate operations, but one of the most important, crucial elements of our activities and services.

During our work, we provide for information security in accordance with the highest available technical standards. To this end, we carry out our controlling and processing activities through processes that are devised and operated in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security standard, and regularly certified. Our internal policies and data protection incorporated into our processes ensure, as a whole, that our employees and partners proceed at all times in a conscious manner, complying with data protection requirements.

We ensure, in accordance with the rules of transparent operation, that all data subjects may exercise their rights pertaining to information requests, as well as the right to the reparation and restriction of their data processed by us. Data subjects may request the erasure of their data and may exercise the right to object. Upon request, we provide for data portability. During our own controlling activities, as well as processing activities carried out for our partners, we always have an appropriate legal basis and proceed in accordance with the applicable data management purposes and deadlines.

Our Company keeps up-to-date records of all data management. If necessary, we will carry out a risk analysis prior to the commencement of data management. On the basis of the results thereof, we will opt for the best solution available in order to mitigate risks arising from the number of data subjects and the nature of data that is processed.


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