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Direct Services Ltd. becomes leading supplier of bank cards


Right from the moment of its establishment as subsidiary of ANY Security Printing (, Direct Services Ltd. began to offer Visa and Mastercard cards produced in the parent company. The production and delivery of bank cards is a highly regulated activity carried out under the constant monitoring and control of payment operators. Thanks to competitive prices, short delivery terms and quality execution of each contract, more than 10 Bulgarian banks become our regular clients over the years. In parallel with the production and delivery of cards, we develop and perform a number of additional services - delivery of PIN envelopes, sending of statements, packaging and delivery of personalized card and PIN to cardholders.

Due to a change in economic parameters by ANY, in 2021 we strengthened our cooperation with PlasticCard ( and this partnership is developing extremely successfully and dynamically. Our joint efforts, in a short period of time, made us main supplier of bank cards for the Bulgarian market despite the war in Ukraine.

In a situation of global shortage of chips and delivery after 14-16 weeks, Direct Services Ltd. guarantees production and delivery of bank cards within 6 weeks, regardless of how complex and what special effects the design contains. Eco-cards produced from recyclable and/or biodegradable PVC are a recent best seller, in which more and more financial organizations are interested.