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Direct Services Ltd extends its digital book printing services

In 2018 over 60 million A4 pages were printed on our digital printing systems, the highest achievement in the company's history. The number of books produced was steadily growing, confirming Direct Services Ltd. as the leading operator for transactional printing and book printer in small and medium-sized runs.

Regardless of the increased competition and paper price increase, Direct Services Ltd. kept its leading position in the digital printing market due to the quality of its services. Execution of any order within the agreed financial parameters and without compromise on paper, printing and finishing quality are the factors that distinguish us from our competitors. "The lowest price" is an important factor in the choice of publishers, but for us this indicator is never at the expense of quality. The quality service has become a trademark of Direct Service Ltd.

Thanks to the constant renewal of our high-tech digital machines fleet, we are expanding our services and we are now able to offer printing on any piece of paper (from 50g / m2 to 350g / m2), all sorts of media (bulk, offset, embossed or chrome paper) and above the standard for offset machines format 35x50cm. The new Xerox Nuvera and Versant printers installed last year not only increased our monochrome and color printing capabilities, but also enabled us to print in the 33x66 cm format - an advantage in the digital printing of "wings" covers. Enhanced volumes of digital printing and optimized workflows made us more competitive with larger prints (500+ and over 1000), which until now were thought to be only suitable for offset machines. Our services become more accessible to a wider range of publishers who want to get a quality product at a competitive price. Ensuring short production times lead to additional optimization for publishers and saves them time and costs.