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Personal Data and Client Information Protection

As a leading provider of document and data processing services, Direct Services Ltd pays special attention to the information protection and its use only for the purposes, set by the Data Administrator (information owner). In order to protect its customers from the risks associated with information security, the company annually concludes specialized professional liability insurance. Due to the increase in physical document storage business and our new hybrid mail projects, since February 2019, the insurance limit has been doubled from EUR 1,000,000 to EUR 2000,000.

In January 2019 the company successfully underwent a supervisory visit to ISO 9001: 2015 quality management systems and pre-certification audit on ISO27001: 2013 information security management systems. The check was carried out by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, and for two days all corporate offices and warehouses, internal procedures and policies were audited. Data protection and management have been monitored in detail and the renewal of the certificate means that our organization process securely not only its own information, but also that of its customers. The current certificates are also applicable to the company's latest site, designed for long-term storage of paper archives.